I'm Caroline Lord. Welcome to my website!

I'm currently a graduate student in the Clemson University MRUD (Master in Resilient Urban Design) program in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to wanting to learn more about urban design, my main goal is to figure out ways to help tackle climate change.

Here are a few things that I enjoy.

I make portraits with twigs, leaves and flowers, and I named them Foliage Faces. I start with a picture of a famous singer, artist.... and I lay down a twig for a chin, some azaleas for a shirt. I become hyper-focused, knowing that in a few hours, the petals will wilt, and I need to take a photo of the face before they do! Then I turn the photo into an art print. Here's a video of how I make the faces.

I love making one minute films for Instagram. You can see more of them here.

I've had several articles published in The Columbia Metropolitan Magazine https://columbiametro.com/article/made-in-cola-town-martin-cooper/