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flowers in hands


I'm Caroline Lord. Welcome to my website! Where it's all things creative: art, gardening, decorating, writing, fashion and more.

When I'm being creative, I'm in a flow. It's like meditating in action. I get lost in writing an article. I break a sweat making a Foliage Face portrait before the petals wilt. And at the end of the process, I've produced something, words on a page, a piece of art...and it's gratifying. Creativity helps us merge our light with our darkness, and through the process, we become more whole.

Here are a few things that I enjoy making.

I make portraits with twigs, leaves and flowers, and I named them Foliage Faces. I start with a picture of a famous singer, artist.... and I begin by laying down a twig for a chin, some azaleas for a shirt. What famous writer has long curls just like my dead ferns? I become hyper-focused, knowing that in a few hours, the petals will wilt, and I need I need to take a photo of the face before that happens. Here's a video of how I make the faces. Enjoy!

I’ve also written a novel about a thirteen-year-old dead boy named Henry Riddle. Henry's back in Nashville, Tennessee in a new body, and he's got three days to track down the woman with a beehive hairdo who killed him in front of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. I'm working on getting it published.

I love making one minute films for Instagram. You can see them more of them here.

I recently had my first piece published in The Columbia Metropolitan Magazine

Let's get pleasurably lost. Let's create!