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flowers in hands


I'm Caroline Lord. Welcome to my website! For some time, I've been searching for a particular theme for this place. I'd thought about fiction writing since I'd written a novel. I considered a environmental theme to tie into the the nature portraits I make from leaves and flowers.I pondered the idea of "how to start a small business" as a way for readers to learn as I fumbled along with my Foliage Faces art print start-up.

But each topic felt limiting, and it's not how my brain works. My brain likes to jump from topic to topic. My brain likes big picture, not minutia. My brain likes to connect various disparate ideas into a whole. So hallelujah when I landed on the idea of creativity. My brain and gut knew it was perfect! I would have ever ending sources of inspiration to keep me and others interested. I can feature art, gardening, decorating, writing, fashion and more.

When I'm being creative, I'm in a flow. It's like meditating while in action. I don't think of a to do list. I don't have worries. Instead, I hyper-focus on writing an article. I break a sweat making a Foliage Face portrait in a time limit before the petals wilt. And at the end of the process, I've produced something, words on a page, a piece of art...and it feels gratifying.

But even small projects can make us feel good. A flower from the yard placed in a bud vase will do the trick. It can be as simple as alternating slivers of red and green peppers on a hors d’oeuvre platter. A long scarf tied jauntily in a knot at the neck. Arranging objects on a mantle until they please the eye.

And creativity doesn’t have to be pretty. It can be dark and ugly and unsettling. A short story about a woman who was killed in the woods while wearing a seersucker suit. Black and white photos from war torn countries. A painting of a man screaming. A gothic scary movie.Creativity helps us merge our light with our darkness, and through the process, we become more whole.

Here are a few things that I enjoy making.

I make portraits with twigs, leaves and flowers, and I named them Foliage Faces. I start with a picture of a famous singer, artist.... and I begin by laying down a twig for a chin, some azaleas for a shirt on high gloss white board. Sometimes, I can tell the face isn't coming to life. So I adapt. Look up new ones. Who has yellow hair to match my sunflower petals? What famous writer has long curls just like my dead ferns? Instead of being frustrated at the first failed face, it gets my creative juices going. I become hyper-focused, knowing that in a few hours, the petals will wilt, and I need I need to take a photo of the face before that happens. Here's a video of how I make the faces. Enjoy!

I’ve also written a novel about a thirteen-year-old dead boy named Henry Riddle. Henry's back in Nashville, Tennessee in a new body with an embarrassing bowl cut, and he's got three days to track down the woman with a beehive hairdo who killed him in front of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. I'm working on getting it published.

I love making one minute films for Instagram. You can see them more of them here.

Let's get pleasurably lost. Let's create!